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Reflective journal-self appraisal

Completed Posted by: srauf1975 Posted on: 25/08/2020 Deadline: More Than 3 days

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EPSLO 2: Integrate evidence, nursing theory, and knowledge from other disciplines to guide professional nursing practice.

In your Journal summarize personal and professional achievements and accomplishments that you have completed throughout the baccalaureate nursing program at EC that refer to EPSLO 2: Integrate evidence, nursing theory, and knowledge from other disciplines to guide professional nursing practice.

Attach a minimum of at least two examples of your work that supports EPSLO 2 noted above. Save your Journal entry as your Self-Appraisal for each module in your word document. The professor will request that you submit your journal entries for informal feedback at the end of each module. A Title page of this assignment with a summary of accomplishments (no more than 2 pages in length) is required with attached files as supportive evidence for each EPSLO. A minimum of one or two examples is required to support each EPSLO.

attached are two examples of my work that can be used to support project done in the community health nursing class.  Rubrics to guide you: 45.0 pts

Exemplary - (45-43 pts) Expertly analyzes how the EPSLO was achieved and supports claims for the EPSLO by including at least 2 relevant work examples (academic or professional) accomplished during the EC baccalaureate program.

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East Harlem Neighborhood


East Harlem is also known as “El Barrio,” a neighborhood in the eastern side of the New York city.

The neighborhood is a home to many south American immigrants from Puerto Ricco.

The town is known for its mix of Latin American and Caribbean cultures.

The neighborhood is located in upper Manhattan encompassing the region North of the upper east side.

The region covers the 96th street up to 142nd Street east of the fifth avenue towards the East and Harlem rivers.

Overview of the neighborhood

The overview of the neighborhood shows the buildings in East Harlem and the extend of the land it covers from an aerial view.


The buildings have paintings on the walls to show the culture of the individuals in the neighborhood and their passion for art.


The nature of the buildings and architecture in the different streets of Harlem. Shows that the neighborhood has a strong history as the structures are made of brown stone and not similar to the modern structures.

corner street activities

The corner street is one of the busy streets in the neighborhood with different shops for groceries and pizza joints, and dental clinic


The neighborhood is well served with schools ranging from elementary to high schools where the children go to learn.


The areas which comprises of the Latino and other minority groups has some health care centers despite being occupied by poor people.

Bodega/ mini market

This area comprises of different market stalls dealing in different products where the locals shop.


The area is also vast with different church buildings where the people go to worship.

Our lady queen of angels church

Neighborhood store customers are window shopping for some African traditional cloths.

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