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Poster Content/Nursing Intervention/Problem

Completed Posted by: srauf1975 Posted on: 25/08/2020 Deadline: More Than 3 days

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Topic: Training Improvement to maintain proper use of PPE (Protective personal equipment) in clinical settings. Specially now within current pandemic times.

This is a nursing evidence based, improvement project for end of residency. Content created needs to be of high corporate quality, proper grammar/configuration and meet all the detailed requirements for print and poster board presentation. Attached will be included a powerpoint with all of the instructions to be utilized, font, size, outline and overall setup of project. Review powerpoint thoroughly for all instructions.

Changes in the nursing practice are addressed as follows:

1. Identify problem

2. Review literature

3.Conduct research

4.Develop an implementation plan

5. Evaluate results

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Poster Title

Author’s Name(s)

Facility Name, may include particular unit


Problem refers to the issue you would like to investigate. In this section, you should cite references to explain problem.

Body of text goes here

Avoid long blocks of text

10 sentences/bullet points max for better looking posters

Use Ruler, Gridlines, and Guides for setting up your poster. These are found under the “View” tab at the top.


Population refers to the subjects you plan to examine or those who would be impacted while Intervention refers to the change you have made or would like to see made.

Body of text goes here

These text boxes are already set up on the poster template, but you can create new sections if your project needs them


In the table/figures section, you can insert appropriate graphs or images to support or share your findings.

Create the entire poster in one environment (for example Mac or PC) as switching between can cause lost images or unanticipated changes to graphs

Don’t display two-dimensional data in 3-D. Three-dimensional graphs obscure the true difference between bar heights and can appear “messy”

When you include a photo, add a thin border to the photo to avoid a “floating” effect


The comparison information should identify what other practices are being used for your population or problem and how the change would benefit the facility, staff, and/or patients. This is the section to discuss the results of your pilot / implementation.

Font Theme: Nirmala UI (TNRP official font)

Font sizes

Title 72 points Bold

Authors 54 points Bold

Facility 36 points Bold

Section Headers 36 points Bold and all CAPS (white)

Text 36 points in black color


The outcome section should share the expected outcome by implementing the proposed intervention.

Double-space text, using left justification. It is easier to read. Do NOT double space after each sentence. Your computer automatically adjusts spacing for you

Use one font throughout the poster. Create emphasis by using bold, underlining. Try to limit color and avoid italic text, it is just to hard to read.

Body of text should be readable from several feet away. Current font size is set at 36 points but no smaller than 32 points. Supporting text should be no smaller than 24 points.


A list of three to five references should be included. If possible, references should be less than five years old.

Maintain a 1 to 1.5” boarder of white space on all sides to accommodate printing variations

Type all special characters (Greek/mathematical symbols) directly into the PowerPoint rather than copying and pasting from another document. Special characters pasted into a PowerPoint document can print incorrectly even if the characters display correctly on the monitor

Identify an intervention/problem within nursing that could be implemented in patient care or in the hospital setting to improve efficiency or patient care.

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