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Peer Workshop

You will be revising each word document by answering the 4 assigned questions. These questions are available in each word document. Please type 30 words for each question. Thank you. The ppt is for your references to understand the assignment. 


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Peer Workshopping

Definition of Peer Workshop

A Peer Workshop is an activity where you exchange work with your peers in your class and offer each other feedback.

Most of you will have done this previously.

The main idea of a Peer Workshop is to get other perspectives on your work.

However, Peer Workshops are for suggestions and opinions. You are NOT grading each other. That’s my job.

Think about Peer Workshops as an opportunity to give advice.

Types of Errors

Local Errors

Local errors are small, things that only effect a localized part of the paper.

Examples of some local errors:



Sentence Structure



Global Errors

Global errors are large and effect the entirety of the paper.

Examples of some global errors:

Organization and Flow

Following the Prompt



Engagement with the Audience

What to Comment On

Global Errors First

Since global errors effect the entirety of the paper, these should be the first things you comment on and look for.

These are more difficult for students to comment on sometimes, but think about yourself as a reader, not a teacher.

Respond as you read. Is it clear? Are you having problems with understanding something?

Local Errors- Do Not Ignore

While local errors are not as detrimental to the content of a paper, they are much easier for students to comment on.

Try not to point out every instance of a repeated error. Once is enough.

Think about what is going to be the most helpful and what you would like feedback on.

Positive vs. Critical Comments

Many students are unsure about whether to give positive or critical comments or both.

The answer is both. You should react like a reader and respond as a friend.

Give advice that you would want to receive.

This means that only giving positive comments is just as unhelpful as giving all critical comments.

Think of this as a partnership where you are a reader who wants to help the author get the best grade possible. What would you tell this person about what works and about what doesn’t in order to help boost their grade?

Workshopping on Blackboard

Because we’re using Blackboard, we will be doing our Peer Workshops there via a program called Turnitin.

You already submitted your drafts there.

As of now, the Peer Review window is open.

You should be assigned one paper automatically and then you will pick two others of your choice.

You should be able to comment directly on the paper, however, there are also four questions to answer to help guide you.

The Questions

Here are the four questions so you are prepared. You will answer these for each paper you review:

In your opinion, what is the biggest strength of this paper?

What global errors do you see in this paper?

What local errors do you see in this paper?

What is your overall opinion of this paper?

That’s It!

That’s basically all there is.

Your reviews are due by Friday.

Make sure you also have read Straub’s piece to give you even more advice on what it means to be a good peer reviewer.

As always, if you run into problems, please email me or visit my Zoom Office Hours!

Good luck!


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