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NURS-6050N-66/NURS-6050C-66-Policy & Advocacy

Completed Posted by: srauf1975 Posted on: 25/08/2020 Deadline: More Than 3 days

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REPLY:to another student-one page/three references


  Registered nurses and Advanced practice nurses, mold and shape health care and policies, in a big way. Most RNs and APRNS, join health care organizations like the American Nurses Association

(ANA), to make a big difference. Being apart of a bigger organization gives them advantage, by being with similar thinking individuals. Additionally, health care organizations are mostly inthe favor of

the nurse. With that, a  push for policy changes, would makes it more in their favor. Another way nurses make an impact, is by expressing their beliefs and ideas, at their workplace. As a nurse, you are

mostly looked as a role model. So when it comes to nursing students, or techs, they come to you for advise and help. Making them leaders and giants in their industry. With this, they can push for

change and help with hospital programs in their workplace if needed. Like helping to develop fall programs for patients, or creating a charge nurse committee for the units. 

    With these advantages, comes greater obstacles. One of the issues, would be to try and get accepted into a health careorganization. Sometimes membership fees, issues with your nursing license

in the past, or the simple fact of getting chosen, becomes burdens. Sometimes trying to become a member is not a very task and it becomes a complex process. Another issue, would be on trying to

voice your opinion at work, and not being heard. For example, what is the point of fighting for your unit, when the staff it self, only looks out for themselves and it does not make you feel like you are

part of a team. To add, having bad management leaders who only care about the unit numbers and the unit budget, would push for more tension in the workplace. Making you feel like no matter how

hard you try, you can always be replaced. 

    In order to overcome these challenges, like any good relationship, their has to be trust and above all, communication. Voicing your opinion on items or procedures you do not agree with. If you are

not heard by your own manager, then take it to upper management. Working hard to achieve your nursing license, is not worth the risk to do something that is not ethical. With it, more training for

veteran and future nurses, should be also implemented. To be given the opportunity to be aware of new changes or medications, that will affect their place of work. Additionally, having great

leadership and courage to speak up for the unit staff and the safety of patients.

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