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intro paragraph for city planning and progressive

Completed Posted by: srauf1975 Posted on: 25/08/2020 Deadline: More Than 3 days

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write  3 PARAGRAPH INTRO ON MY ESSAY. (at least 2 pages)

3 paragraph intro

Most essays call for an introduction. We are going to offer some advice for how to do a longer intro than you might usually do. This intro is going to feature 3 paras. You have likely integrated all 3 features into an intro before, but you may have done it all in one para. We will be pushing length of your intro. There is a good reason to do this: you are writing longggg papers, so you dont want a short lil intro para at the start of a 10 page paper. Doing this 3 para intro will probably result in at least a page long intro.

the 3 parts:

1. HOOK: with the hook you get the readers' attention. You can do it lots of different ways--a quote, a stat, a story, a picture, a personal anecdote, a hypothetical question--there are lots of ways to do a hook. Here is a link to some possible hooks (there are lots of such posts on the internet--just google "hooks for essays")

2. BOOK: with Book you step back to offer a summary of the main book or prompt that is shaping the class. You should write it in your voice--dont take it off the Amazon review. If your class isnt using one book, you can offer a summary of the main concept you are discussing in class--climate change, racism, etc.

3. COOK: cook (or thesis) is super crucial. This is the para where you tell us what you are cooking up. Or think of it as a road map--you are telling the reader what your paper will be doing. This should be SPECIFIC, and you will tell us what concepts you will be discussing. It is very straight forward. "In this paper I will first be talking about 3 features that make South Hayward a suburb, and these 3 features are..."    Cook para really is for you, as much as the reader. It tells YOU what you are doing.

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