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Instruction Manual

Completed Posted by: srauf1975 Posted on: 25/08/2020 Deadline: More Than 3 days

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Writing and Submission Requirements

Length:               500 words, minimum

Format:               Instruction Manual format based on Markel's Technical Communication examples and description and the requirements listed below.

Submission:       Turn in to E-Learning as an attached document in Word, pdf, or Rich Text format. Name the file using your last name and the name of the assignment with no spaces (e.g.: SmithManual.doc).

Assignment Prompt and Context

Write a set of instructions for a technical device or procedure, preferably one in your own field. The instructions should be for a specific process, task, or product. The instructions should use specific technical skills you are currently developing in your other classes. These instructions should be directed to a novice user (a likely first-time user of your particular task or procedure).

Include the following elements:

  • Clear and limiting title
  • Descriptions and specifications
  • Visuals (Diagrams, Icons, Illustrations)
  • Appropriate level of detail and technicality for a novice user
  • Logically ordered steps, numbered and written in the imperative mood
  • Notes, hazard notices, safety information
  • Section divisions and headings
  • Appendices where necessary

Further, your instructions need to be clear and readable and have an effective visual design.

Consider carefully the economic, environmental, and societal impact your instructions will have for the intended users, as well as how they would transfer to a global audience. Have you engineered the instructions so your audience can successfully complete the task, and is this a task well worth completing in a global marketplace?

Assessment will be based on the quality and readability of the document, on the functionality of the visuals, the effectiveness of the design, and on the grammatical and logical strengths of the steps, sequences, and transitions.

If you use graphics or images from source documents instead of creating your own, you MUST provide APA or IEEE formatted citations for them and in-text figure labels. 


Instruction Manual (2)Instruction Manual (2)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent: simple and clear title; provides numerical steps for completing a task; includes all content described in the assignment directions, including safety information (uses signal words correctly; easy to read/recognize; appropriate location)25.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization/Coherence: steps employ parallel design and language; visual elements appear in correct, useful places in the document; appropriate and consistent design features throughout; headings where appropriate25.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeVisuals: relevant to the text; clearly and correctly labeled; credit given for image source, if applicable; effective graphic -- clarity, color, labeling, etc.; contribute to a consistent and clear document25.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar/Mechanics/Style: correct spelling; correct and consistent punctuation; use of imperative statements; simple and direct statements; appropriate language for the audience and the author's professional credibility25.0 pts
Total Points: 100.0Previous

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